"Час независимой музыки" с Алексеем Ивановым

    5 декабря 2017
    В ночь со вторника на среду на радио Курс в «Часе независимой музыки» Алексея Иванова начинаются «Декабрьские елки-2017». Сегодня – «Утренник для любителей инди музыки».
    1.Ride – Pulsar (single’2017) 
    2.The Breeders - Wait in the Car (single’2017)
    3.Fazerdaze – Misread (Morningside’2017)
    4.93millionmilesfromthesun - The Lonely Sea (The Lonely Sea & The Sky’2017)
    5.The Dayoffs - 15 (The Dayoffs’2017)
    6.Loomer - I Have to Stay (Deserter’2017)
    7.Cigarettes After Sex - Sweet (Cigarettes After Sex’2017)
    8.Weezer - Sweet Mary (Pacific Daydream’2017)
    9.Morrissey - I Wish You Lonely (Low in High School’2017)
    10.Maxпmo Park - Risk to Exist (Risk to Exist’2017)
    11.!!! - Throw Yourself In The Rive (Shake the Shudder’2017)
    12.Black Grape - Set The Grass On Fire (Pop Voodoo’2017)
    13.Deerhoof - Your Dystopic Creation Doesn't Fear You (ft. Awkwafina) (Mountain Moves’2017)
    14.Bondage Fairies - Expectations (Alfa Gaga Cp Wifi’2017)
    15.Damaged Bug - Bog Dash (Bunker Funk’2017)
    16.The Garden - Clay (U Want The Scoop? (EP)’2017)
    17.Criminals Hate Answering Machines - You've Got A Frenemy (Check Your Head’2017)
    18.Trevor Something - You're Always Right (Die With You’2017)
    19.The Mary Hart Attack - Death Comes With Your Eyes (The Falling Sun’2017)
    20.It's For Us - Red Light (Come With Me’2017) 
    21.Duncan Gray - Silence (feat. Dominic Silvani) (The Malcontent Vol 1’2016)
    22.Stellarscope - Only Strangers Now (Standing in the Shadow of Your Ghost’2017)
    23.Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - Homesick (Forward! Future!’2017)
    24.Skeleton Hands - Gardens (Wake’2017)
    25.Tiny Moving Parts – Caution (single’2017)
    26.혁오 (HYUKOH) - Tokyo Inn (23’2017)
    27.Kasabian - III Ray (The King) (For Crying Out Loud/2017)
    28.Royal Trux - Junkie Nurse (Platinum Tips + Ice Cream’2017)
    29.Thurston Moore - Mx Liberty (Rock N Roll Consciousness’2017)
    30.Aye Nako - Sissy (Silver Haze’2017)
    31.Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam - Everybody Sucks (Sink or Swim’2017) 
    32.Tne Fall - Victoria Train Station Massacre (New Facts Emerge’2017)
    33.The Jesus And Mary Chain - Get On Home (Damage And Joy’2017)
    34.The Professionals - Going Going Gone (What in the World’2017)
    35.Hot Water Music - Rabbit Key (Light It Up’2017)
    36.Tabatha Crash - Mary (Tabatha Crash’2017)
    37.Compressorhead – Compressorhead (Party Machine’2017)


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