"Час независимой музыки" с Алексеем Ивановым

7 марта 2017
В ночь со вторника на среду на радио Курс в «Часе независимой музыки» Алексея Иванова мы слушаем «Международный женский нью-вэйв микс».
1.English Evenings - Winter Feelings (After Dark’85)
2.Rational Youth - Freeze. (Heredity’85)
3.Mr. Mister - Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You) (Go On . . .’87)
4.Prefab Sprout - Cars And Girls (From Langley Park to Memphis’88) 
5.The Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play (The Essential’80)
6.Jarvon Jol - The Dustcollector. (The Dustcollector 12''’84)
7.Glass Tiger - Ecstacy (The Thin Red Line’86)
8.Passengers - King Of Fools (Sound Adventure’83)
9.Device - Fall Apart, Golden Heart (22B3’86)
10.Vitamin Z - Circus Ring (Rites Of Passage’85)
11.Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy Mix) (OST - American Psycho’88)
12.The Fixx - Red Skies (Shuttered Room’82)
13.New Music - Back to Room One (Anywhere’81)
14.Fingerprintz - Get Civilized (Beat Noir’81)
15.National Pastime - Pictures On Your Wall (Built to Break’85)
16.Peter Brown - They Only Come Out At Night (Snap’84)
17.Tictoc - Twenty Questions (Where The Picnic Was’83)
18.The Farmer's Boys - Soft Drink (Get Out and Walk’83)
19.Animotion - Obsession (Turn Around 7''’84)
20.One To One - Don't Call It Love (Forward Your Emotions’85)
21.Shatoo - Dangertown (A True Story’87)
22.Don Johnson – Heartbeat ’86
23.Fashion - Trader (Twilight of Idols’84)
24.Samedi - Strangers in the Night (Doubts & Beliefs’89)
25.Classix Nouveaux - Is It A Dream (La Verité’82)
26.The Quick - Small, Blonde Box (On The Uptake’81)
27.Naked Eyes - Fortune And Fame (Burning Bridges’83)
28.Silent Running - Crimson Days (Shades of Liberty’84)
29.Two Of Us - Generation Swing (Twice As Nice’85)
30.General Public - Tenderness (All Rage’84)
31.Spoons - My Favourite Page (Talkback’83)
32.Twilight - My Mind (My Mind / Forever More 12"’84)
33.Stabilizers - Place to Hide (Tyranny’86)
34.The Human League - Are You Ever Coming Back? (Crash’86)
35.State Of Art - Downtown ‘82
36.Kon Kan - Bite The Bullet (Move To Move’89)


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